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Raman, other thing is South Indian charts have their own benefits. They are quite easy to draw. The good thing about South Indian chart system is the horoscope signs stay the same and they don't change their assigned blocks.

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Meaning the first block is always Aries and last block is always Pisces. Only the Ascendant and the placement of planets change. Also South Indian horoscope chart is in clockwise direction.

The only things to remember when judging a South Indian Chart are. That's it. No need to bother with other stuff. You can count the houses clockwise from Ascendant with Ascendant being the First House.

Importance of Kundali:

And the next block as Second House. So on and so forth. The Twelve Signs never change their placement. You only need to place the right planet in the right sign.

Below is an example South Indian chart. First we learn which block is assigned which one of the Twelve Signs.

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Remember the signs and assigned blocks remain the same in all example South Indian horoscopes. They never change. The comes finding out the Ascendant part.

Below is an example South Indian Chart with houses assigned after determining Ascendant. From the above two charts we can deduce the horoscope signs and houses. According to "Brihat Parashara hora shastra" The progress and development of the people and the creation are all under the authority and administration of the planets". Each and every part of human physiology and life are the part of the cosmic physiology represented by Grahas, planets Rashis Signs and Nakshatras Stars. Lagna Ascendant is also very important aspect in Indian Astrology.

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