Gemini love horoscope january 15

Trading one thing for the other to the benefit of everyone involved is just one of the powers of those born on this date and this is a symbol that puts an emphasis on the useful, traditional, and yet expensive service that needs to be provided. These individuals will offer a lot and expect the same in return, ready to share and converse one useful thing for another, exchanging favors, emotions, and material blessings just the same.

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The 15th of January holds the atmosphere of something special and royal just like every middle of the month. This one will speak of status that needs to be built through expression and the freedom one must obtain through choices that go with their heart. With so many things on their mind, there is never any rest for the brains of those born on this day. They will shift from one theme to the other, and from one inner personality to the next, unaware of their changes and physical needs along the way. A purpose they were born with is connected to higher planes though, the field of ideas and Universal thought, and they are to connect with society, turn to humanitarian work, experiment with science, or ground and incredible idea that takes shape in their mind.

Issues of their personality and potential troubles with authority are just a tip of the iceberg in respect issues these individuals have in relationships with other people. Their inner battle for supremacy and liberation could lead to overly rational relationship choices, and they could have trouble finding enough peace to settle down and find the other person worthy of their undivided attention. Their inner conflict leads to them choosing a partner on a whim, a lot less careful than other Capricorns, only to discover in time that they wish to separate or get divorced so they can find their own inner core once again.

Their love story needs to be one of ultimate respect and shared creativity and expression, giving both partners enough freedom to maintain the basic personality structure intact.

Gemini Mid January 15 - 31, 2016

As soon as typical restrictions come to light, they will cool off and distance themselves without ever doubting their decision. Love of children will be a strong drive to many of those born on this date, as well as the need to leave an heir to their bloodline. Divided into two personalities they could choose to be in parallel relationships and constant dilemmas that make them act in several ways at once.

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Once they find their personality's core and start expressing their inner truth with ease, all relationship issues will clear up too. With their desire to be surrounded by something handmade, combined with their modern approach to the Capricorn world, they make great programmers, builders, or architects. On the other hand, this personality feels it is obligatory to explain themselves to the world.

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No matter if this happens through one-on-one meaningful conversations, writing, or battle against the entire system they live in, they will feel the need to express their opinions and their personal point of view, until they make others understand. The crystal that suits the need of January 15th born is Scheelite.

It is the stone to help balance one's higher self with their inner self. Its energy instills mental balance and aids reaching for answers to any question a person might have, while at the same time bringing energy to the body when they start to feel fatigued and run down. The perfect gift for a person born on January 15th is a book of short stories. When their sense for practicality is taken into consideration, it is impossible to choose poorly.

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  5. An outsider with a powerful mind, this is someone brilliant, innovative and brave. Try to stay focused on the present and remember you are capable. Your creative energy is so potent right now, you should have your head, sketchbook, journal, etc. Though don't get so caught up in the obsession of having a finished, perfect project that you don't even give yourself a chance to get started.

    Things will organically come together. If you've been toying with the idea of moving, it may be time for you to take the plunge and get the ball rolling no matter how daunting it may seem right now. There's light at the other end of this tunnel. Meanwhile, when it comes to troubling family history and relationships, it's time to take space to heal. Has your focus become so narrow that you're unable to see the options around you?

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    While you should keep an eye on the details, don't forget there's a bigger picture at play. It's time to take some risks on something bigger but it's going to start with you opening your mind. Expand your horizons. A financial opportunity or blessing could come your way today, that helps to restore your faith in something bigger. Meanwhile, if you've been thinking about making some money moves but have been apprehensive about whether you'll get what you want, the cosmos is here to remind you sky's the limit.

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    When others look at you, they're not looking for perfection but for authenticity. Keep that in mind when you feel yourself needing to hold up a certain image, especially when it comes to how you feel. You have people in your corner that believe in you.

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    Make sure you believe in you too. Even though it may feel like you're working in slow motion, know that the working you're doing is still making an impact even if you can't immediately see it. Sometimes you need to take a slow, organic approach rather than trying to force things to happen. Continue shooting for the moon. It's time to take something you've been dreaming about doing seriously. Even if you don't know percent where to begin, you have people around you that can show you the way. Reach out and connect with them.

    Know that your dreams are valid. Give yourself a chance to turn them into something real.